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As a Technology Solutions Partner to leading Media & Entertainment Companies, we deliver deep domain knowledge in all aspects of Secure Content Delivery and Overall Environment Management. Our passion for Video Streaming Technologies brings with it decades of combined experience in VOD, OTT, Live, Mobile, CDN, FAST, DAI, AI-enhanced workflow, DevOps, Security, Cloud Setup and Administration, and Full Stack Development and Maintenance of Video Management and Content Delivery Systems.

Global Mindset
Solutions not Locations

  • Extremely Experienced Engineers: World’s best video tech engineers without the Agency or Silicon Valley price tag.
  • Flexible Approach: Our teams adapt seamlessly to ever-changing environments and requirements, in a truly agile and flexible approach and practice.
  • Time Zone Aligned: Our teams are in the Western Hemisphere (from the US to Argentina) and we work with your teams on your schedule, from Pacific to Eastern.

Solutions and Services

  • Security: CMS, Storage, Delivery
  • Security: Encoding, Protection, Tracking
  • Encoding: Audio, Video, Subtitles
  • Video Management & Operational Efficiency
  • Dynamic Ad Insertion & Monetization
  • Mobile: iOS & Android
  • Tablet: iOS & Android
  • OTT: tvOS, Fire TV, Roku, Android TV
  • Smart TV
  • Web
  • AWS
  • GCP
  • Azure
  • IBM Cloud
  • CDN / Multi-CDN

Passion for Programming

Applied to your most demanding projects

Experience & Skills

Our deep network of highly-skilled software engineers enjoy working in the Crowdvac culture as we serve our clients.

Smooth is Fast

Technical Project Managers aid the onboarding, implementation, management and execution of your roadmaps and go-to-market plans.


Our incredibly low turnover rates mean your projects benefit from lower related costs, while maintaining loyal talent and saving valuable time.

Ramp Quickly

Boost your project with the talent it needs, when it needs it. Scale up and down seamlessly.

Streaming Solutions
for the Media & Entertainment Technology Industry

As a technology solutions partner to leading media & entertainment companies, Crowdvac delivers deep domain knowledge in all aspects of secure content delivery and overall environment management.